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Entrepreneurs Across America was started with the idea of representing and unifying millions of small business owners and entrepreneurs across our great nation. We are a member driven organization that caters to the needs of those who fill our ranks. We are small business owners ourselves and are motivated by the desire to help others achieve success. Our member’s success is how we measure the success of this organization.

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The Eight Pillars of EAA

Amongst our core beliefs are the eight pillars upon which, we believe, all businesses need to be built. People who decide to face the world on their own need to understand that the pressure that will now face them, will be greater than any pressure they have ever felt in business. However, the pressure can help to fuel the fire necessary to runs one’s business and to attain success.

Here are the pillars which will define your success:


Being passionate about the service or product you offer is necessary. Passion for the business you are in, makes all of the risks worthwhile an entrepreneur will undertake worthwhile.


Knowing your business, the ins and outs, and what to expect cannot be overstated. One aspect of knowledge is at customer meetings, and conveying that when it comes to your service, you are the expert. 


We have all heard the expression that honesty is the best policy. It is, and it’s the only way to build a loyal clientele that will do business with you for years.


If you own your own business, then understanding that sacrifices will need to be made in order to realize success is part of the package. 


Success is a journey, and not a destination. Upon becoming self-employed, you are entering a marathon. Endurance and fortitude helps one to keep moving forward, when others would quit.


Sometimes, you will have to invent a new way of doing something in order to make certain that it gets done properly. Sometimes, you’ll have to figure out a new way in order to make ends meet. 


Starting a business takes courage and belief in one’s abilities. Learn to own your mistakes so that you are loathe to repeat them.


At the end of the day, the service you provide is the only tangible thing that separates you from your competitors. Respect for the service you provide is key to success.

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